About The Team

TEAM behind you makes a world of difference. Our story is about us trying to create the most experienced team to help you every step of the way.


Toronto is an ever evolving real estate market that produces many unique challenges and opportunities for clients. Every Client, every situation, every sale or purchase requires a different approach and a different technique every time. Recognizing no two experiences are the same, Leonard has built a team of expert Real Estate Agents who use unique strategies to stay ahead of the market and make sure clients get maximum value at all times. Clients will benefit from the Fridman Team approach of highly skilled individuals, each bringing their own expertise and strengths to the table giving our clients a competitive advantage.

Our highest priority is to provide our clients with the best possible service. We endeavor to ensure that each client’s unique needs are always met. When you work with our team you will receive the dedicated attention of experienced agent with the network and support system that only a team can provide. Each member of our team fills a specific role in satisfying a full service experience.

From first time home buying, commercial, multi-plex properties to co-ownership we have the right Fridman Agent for you.

Meet The Team

 Ashley Langille

Born in Hamilton and raised mostly in Toronto, Ashley finds it easy to connect with just about anybody. She started her real estate career under the mentorship of Leonard as one of the original agents of Team Fridman. Leonard quickly recognized her talent in relationship building was an ideal fit for the team when dealing with dynamic transactions and projects. While Ashley enjoys all aspects of her job, her favourite part is working with first-time home buyers. She finds there is nothing better than helping someone make a positive change in their life and, as a real estate agent, she gets to help them do just that on the daily. First-time home buyers need an agent who has intense attention to detail, patience and, above all, is passionate about their clients using this as a stepping stone for the rest of their lives. Turning first-time home buyers into repeat clients is Ashley’s master work!

David Steuer

Hailing from Amsterdam, David’s experience from two decades in real estate has given him a unique set of tools and skills for his clients. David’s real estate career began in 2001 in the Netherlands. He went on to lead the Canadian expansion for a European real estate investment firm from 2007 until 2014, building a portfolio worth in excess of 200 million dollars for the company. David’s experience with commercial, mixed-use and multi-residential properties and investments in different capacities and different markets worldwide, combined with his perfectionist approach to business, give him an edge in Toronto’s competitive market. Armed with an expansive network and a knowledge of Toronto that defies his overseas roots, David is your ultimate resource to the real estate market.

Lesli Gaynor

Lesli has been a business and community leader in Toronto for over 20 years. Along with social work, policy writing, and founding and managing Mitzi’s restaurants, Lesli has made a name for herself in Toronto’s real estate market. In tandem with her passion for food and cooking, Lesli specialises in co-ownership. She’s compassionate about helping people and groups find and build intentional communities as a creative solution in Toronto’s competitive real estate market. She founded and manages GoCo Solutions to facilitate these dealings and help people find safe and secure homes through building their own communities. Being empathetic and bringing people together are the core tenets of her dealings. Whether you’re looking to buy with friends, family or complete strangers, Lesli has a wealth of experience and resources to assist you in a co-ownership purchase.

Parimal Gosai

Parimal is a multi-talented real estate agent with an eye for style and design. Parimal has been engaged in multiple community arts and design practices during his career in interior design and real estate. He has a passion for developing businesses that are at the forefront of assisting marginalized communities, shifting cultures and generating new paradigms. He is one of the founding members of Public Displays of Affection, a community-engaged design practice responsible for designing and furnishing notable social housing projects across the city. His passion assists him in assisting and facilitating co-ownership deals with GoCo Solutions alongside Lesli. Parimal’s experience and passion for interior design make him an excellent and discerning interior stylist. 

KIM Godin

An executive assistant's job is never easy, but the team and it's members make all the difference. Kim works day and night to ensure that deals, client communication, team projects, new listings and more are handled with the utmost care, due diligence and punctuality. She met Leonard at just nineteen years of age looking for a rental in the City of Toronto while attending the University of Toronto. An aspiring finance major who wasn't sure of her future path, she decided to stick around. Being the first member of Team Fridman, she's been by Leonard's side the longest, seen the most, graduated from U of T and decided to see where life would take her. She's learned the trade, the passion and tools necessary to keep the team well rounded, on top of their game and always striving for more. As the youngest on the team, she aspires to make up the difference in age and experience through hard work, taking risks and following through. She lives her life with Leonard's motto in mind, that being bored is the greatest fear in life.

Tara Oneill

Born and raised in Australia, Tara brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table. Though she works most in marketing and administration, she’s a jack of all trades and is happy to support the team in any way that she can. She moved to North America after graduating with a Bachelor of Business, ready to begin a new and exciting stage in her life. She’s worked in everything from corporate banking to social media app development. Her ability to adapt and excel are a testament to her strength and determination that has guided her through life. Tara enjoys summer, travel, live music and creative writing. She’s always happy to help with anything and everything the team needs