Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: C & A

Working with Leonard is like having a real estate investment coach. Being an investor himself, that’s how he looks at every listing. What’s the upside, how will financing coming together, what are the risks? Len is not only very generous with his time (btw he handles everything personally unlike some other agent), he also opens up his vast network of contacts to his clients. He recommended to us our mortgage broker, our lawyer, and an inspector. This was not our first investment property but we still learned a lot from him.

By: J. B

Success can be directly linked to knowledge, especially knowledge acquired from experience. Investing in real estate is fraught with problems: finding the right property, making the best deal, arranging financing, managing the property, understanding capital improvements, overseeing maintenance and dealing with tenants. I have worked with Leonard for over twenty years and continue to work with him because he has proven himself to be a knowledgeable professional in real estate investment. He knows how to solve all the previously mentioned problems. Beyond setting up the best deal for a purchase he provides continuous support during the life of the investment, maintaining and improving the property plus making the venture viable and profitable. His appraisal of the market is astute and has constantly arranged an advantageous sale. Buyer or seller, there are no losers with Leonard. I rely on his expertise and over the years, he has proven himself consistently attuned to the real estate market. I would recommend to anyone starting out in real estate investment or a seasoned pro who been investing for years to meet with Leonard. I know they’ll be impressed.